Friday, 17 February 2017

Sunday, 29 January 2017

A special issue of Scientometrics on "Simulating the processes of science, technology, and innovation"

The special issue edited by Katy Börner, Bruce Edmonds, Staša Milojević & Andrea Scharnhorst of Scientometrics on "Simulating the processes of science, technology, and innovation" is now out.
It is in Volume 110, Issue 1, January 2017 at: and includes:
  • An Editorial by Katy Börner, Bruce Edmonds, Staša Milojević & Andrea Scharnhorst
  • "Agent-based simulation for science, technology, and innovation policy" by Petra Ahrweiler
  • "Creating impact in the digital space: digital practice dependency in communities of digital scientific innovations" by Sabine Brunswicker, Sorin Adam Matei, Michael Zentner, Lynn Zentner & Gerhard Klimeck
  • "Mapping technology space by normalizing patent networks" by Jeff Alstott, Giorgio Triulzi, Bowen Yan & Jianxi Luo
  • "What’s wrong with Science?" by David Chavalarias
  • "Towards the discovery of scientific revolutions in scientometric data" by Rogier De Langhe
  • "An efficient system to fund science: from proposal review to peer-to-peer distributions" by Johan Bollen, David Crandall, Damion Junk, Ying Ding & Katy Börner

Monday, 5 December 2016

If you are near Chicago... A Science of Science meeting, today!


More evidence for the class divide in UK universities

...from an article in the Guardian.
Researchers found that as much as half of the gap in admissions to highly selective Russell Group universities between children on free school meals (FSM) and their better-off peers could be a result of factors beyond academic ability.
From an analysis published by the Social Mobility Commission, headed by former Labour minister Alan Milburn.

See Guardian article at:

This is some more evidence that the role of the top universities is substantially about class and not just academic achievement. The top universities have simply not taken effective measures to address this lack of access.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Papers on Peer Review and other aspects of Simulating Science @ Social Simulation 2016, Rome

Five papers on simulating Peer Review!
Plus 2 other relevant papers:
(I do not know for how long the abstracts and full papers will be available, so go read them fast)